Steve Thacker - International Rotarian Convention

"I can't say enough about Fire on the Mountain's performance last Monday evening. I was blown away by the quality of the talent. I heard so many positive comments afterwards. I could see on the faces of our guests that they thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Thanks again from our entire Rotary Club."

Heidi Neuenschwander - IHC Urban Central Region, PR

"Fire on the Mountain® added energy and spice to our day—although our event had a patriotic theme, FOTM was able to blend traditional music with foot-stomping tunes to create a great party atmosphere for all in attendance."

Greg Watts - Valais Homes

"It was fun and very entertaining!!! They connected well with crowd, they played songs everybody could relate to. It was a delightful evening that all enjoyed!"

Marcia Johns - Marketing Director, Gardner Village

"FOTM has been an exciting part of Gardner Village's annual events! Their energy is contagious! Their talent is exceptional. One of Utah's best Bluegrass bands."

Roger Woodward - West Point City Council

"Very exciting and entertaining. Great family entertainment. We look forward to having them again next year!!"

Sharon Kuttler - Children's Program Coordinator, Provo City Library

"Fire on the Mountain captivates audiences at the Provo City Library annually. Appealing to all ages, their concerts are filled with contagious energy, skillful musicianship, and a great selection of traditional American Bluegrass music. I highly recommend them."

Kathy - Raspberry Days Entertainment Chairperson

"I was spellbound from beginning to end! Great family entertainment from extremely talented, witty individuals who obviously love to perform. I could watch their show over and over."

"I think they were awesome! Very entertaining. The crowd really enjoyed them." Mike

"I loved them. They were a remarkable group! Very entertaining and very fun." Colleen

"Loved it!. They were awesome. I would definately watch them again if they came to Raspberry Days." Cathy

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